National lobbying group forms in Texas to end horse slaughter

Houston, Texas (Oct. 3, 2003) – The Fund for Horses – a new non profit organization for the protection of horses has been formed by Houstonian Vivian Farrell. The primary focus of the lobbying group will be to end horse slaughter for human consumption by working for the enactment of a federal law banning it.

“When I discovered horses were being slaughtered in this country for their meat and exported live for slaughter, I was shocked,” says Farrell. “Investigations revealed practices connected to the horse slaughter industry so terrifying and brutal, I felt we have to find a way to stop it. So I started the Fund for Horses.”

Farrell began her fight against horse slaughter with a group of around 200 horse lovers called Texans for Horses that quickly drew new members from all over the State. Their passion and commitment enabled them to defeat Texas State Rep. Betty Brown’s bill to legalize horse slaughter earlier this year.

It was after that victory that Farrell decided to form a national group. Farrell went through the incorporation process, attained tax exempt status and launched the The Fund for Horses website all in a matter of a few months. The Fund for Horses have a broad base of constituents from around the country whose first mission is to take on legislators in Washington DC to defeat horse slaughter.

Summing up the group, Farrell states, “The Fund for Horses is a strong community of concerned horse lovers from all walks of life who understand, respect and appreciate the unique character and contribution the horse has made to the country and civilization. We are determined to bring an end to horse slaughter, and strongly believe a grassroots movement like ours can do it.”

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The Horse Fund is the most dynamic equine advocacy organization of its kind. Headquartered in the United States The Horse Fund works to protect equines at home and abroad by lobbying and acting as horse industry watchdogs.


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