Horse Slaughter Legislative Timeline

Detailed history of State and Federal attempts to ban the slaughter of U.S. horses for human consumption. Linked by year. It all began in California in 1998 . . .

1998  2002 Includes 107th U.S. Congress
2003 — 2004 Includes 108th U.S. Congress
2005 — 2006 Includes 109th U.S. Congress
2007 — 2008Includes 110th U.S. Congress
2009 — 2010 Includes 111th U.S. Congress
2011 — 2012 Includes 112th U.S. Congress
2013 — 2014 Includes 113th U.S. Congress
2015 — 2016Includes 114th U.S. Congress
2017 — 2018Includes 115th U.S. Congress
2019 — 2020Includes 116th U.S. Congress
Compiled by Vivian Grant and Jane Allin

Last updated January 10, 2020

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