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At the Butcher Shop

Horse meat. Source: From “The European Horse Meat Scandal—It is Your Fault“.
Horse Meat Switzerland. Photographer Unknown.
Ground Horse Meat. France.
Minced Horse Meat. Source: From “How it became impossible for Americans to buy horse meat“.

At the Table — Raw Horse Meat

In countries where horse meat is considered a delicacy, diners often prefer it raw — particularly Japan. Click any image to enlarge.


At the Table — Cooked Horse Meat

Cooked horse meat is often served up as stews and burgers. Click any image to enlarge.


Horse Meat in the News

Russia to drive horse meat production out of depression
by Vladislav Vorotnikov | Global Meat News
21st May 2019

The Russian Government has prepared a draft program of horse industry development, with a special focus on an increase in the population of meat breeds – the segment where production performance has been shrinking over the past few years. Read more »

Featured Image (Top of Page): “Inside France’s Fading Love Affair with Horse Meat,” by Emily Monaco, 12 March 2017.

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