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Wild and Free

Helicopter Roundups

Robbed of their Freedom

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Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Land Management
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Wild Horse Video

Hardtrigger Release

Hardtrigger Herd Management Area Wild Horse Release. May 2019. BLM.

BLM shoots, kills wild horses

Wild horse advocates are calling for a formal investigation into the shooting deaths of eight mustangs who were killed in northern Nevada. BLM says shooting deaths of wild horses was ‘humane euthanasia’. October 2018.

Helicopter Roundup Controversy

U.S. Bureau of Land Management say it’s controlling the horse population but some animal rights activists say these horses could be driven to extinction. January 2018.

The Wild Mustangs of Nevada

Historic 2012 Documentary

Producer and creator Jan Delaport writes, “I wrote, directed and produced this documentary film on wild horses/mustangs in the US Rocky Mountains area back in 2002. So my comprehensive CV/Resume also states filmmaker 🙂 It was a coproduction with Swedish national broadcaster SVT, and the film was broadcast worldwide, including France, Italy, Spain and the US. My father and veterinarian Lennart Curt Østblom plays a major part in the film. Help save these magnificent animals under threat. Here you have the film in it its full-length English language version, 50 min. Enjoy and help to preserve!”

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