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The Horse Fund is the most dynamic equine advocacy organization of its kind. Headquartered in the United States The Horse Fund protects horses at home and abroad by lobbying and acting as horse industry watchdogs.

Ancient Scrolls

National lobbying group forms in Texas to end horse slaughter
October 3, 2003

Two-thirds of Canadians polled do not believe in horse slaughter
May 27, 2004

Where will Wyeth’s horses go?
April 27, 2005

US Representative from Texans threatens provision banning horse slaughter on US soil
October 21, 2005

Radnofsky offers support for horses
Barbara Ann Radnofsky, rival for Texan Kay Bailey Hutchison’s seat in the US Senate, calls for her opponent to take a stand on horse slaughter
October 15, 2006

Memory of horse deaths mars opening of Flicka the movie
October 17, 2006

Horse Slaughter threatens property rights of owners
November 9, 2006

Horse Slaughter is criminal again in Texas
January 20, 2007

Mustang anthem “Wild Horses Need Our Voices” will debut live at Las Vegas Rally
October 6, 2010

Bill and Sandra Johnson suspended by the USDA for violation of the Horse Protection Act
March 31, 2011

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